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Two half steps make a whole step.

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He is currently studying Master Degree of Teaching Secondary, Music Methods at University of New South Wales, investigating different educational theories and practices in music teaching.

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I wanted to minor in music at least in order to understand music and take music theory classes while I am there, but I know most colleges require an audition to get accepted into it.

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Read about different music careers, talk with college students and professionals in areas of music you’re curious about, talk with your teachers, see if you can shadow a music teacher or two who are teaching at local schools.

youtube how to play piano man

He can be contacted at . We suggest that your daughter and you read this article about community college – we think it will answer some of your questions. We also highly recommend that your daughter take summer music programs until she graduates. Many programs offer scholarships to those students who apply early like now!. See our Summer Music Camps and Programs section to learn about some of these programs. Community college can be a great preparation for a 4 year school if done carefully and with eyes open.

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Another option would be to go to a community college for the first year or two, but if you do that, be sure to read Community College for Music Majors about how to make it work.

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