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Look at the application and audition requirements for music majors at the schools you mention, as well as whether they allow double majors in the fields you mention.

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What do you suggest?Is there a career that I could enjoy and get a good income from?Thank you!I’ve been playing the flute for 5 years now in my school band, and I’ve just gotten really serious about it this past year I’m a high school sophomore.

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As for teaching at a college, you will need at least a Master’s degree in music but more likely a Doctorate in music.

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Your lighthearted approach in explaining such in simple terms makes it so I can take notes readily, learn in small steps, and feel confident for the first time EVER that I understand and can apply my thoughts and fingers to playing.

youtube how to play piano man

Most of the famous rock and roll and country music piano players do not read music. They play chords on keyboard or piano while they sing. Most song books have the chord name letter printed above the word where the chord is played. When you get to a word which has a different chord letter printed above it, change to that new chord. To start try the song Jingle Bells on the piano. Play a C Chord with both hands.

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With lessons and lots of practice plus good sight reading skills as well as taking music theory at the community college level, your daughter should be able to apply to any of the schools you mention.

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